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Special use for chemicals and chemical fibers:
    Chemical fire produces high heat, and its flame may rise more than 10 meters instantly. Such type is featured in quick combustion and explosion speed, strong heat radiation, spill and splash, specially it can cause plenty of combustive flow to form large-area flowing fire. Since the fire of such type happens in the area where is available plenty of combustive materials and products in equipments and pipelines in the production or storage places, there is huge potential hazards and any leakage or heat may cause explosion. If the fire extinguishment procedures and methods are incorrect, it may even cause multiple explosion or cause people to die.


Fire in Cixi Chemical Fiber Factory Fire drill of Daqing Petrochemical Chemical fire prevention drill of Heze
According to the chemical and chemical fiber fire,
M1-3 plants active flame retardant agent has the following characteristics.
High-efficiency fire extinguishment & quick flame retardance
    M1-3 plants active flame retardant agent contains a certain content of compound flame-retardant active substances. Since these substances have the capability of changing combustion quality of other substances, they can produce strong affinity with combustion substances quickly when they contact with combustion substances, and then make chemical realization to achieve penetration and emulsification. Whilst making double penetration and emulsification, the compound flame-retardant active substances are melted in the emulsified substances, and thence their original combustion quality is changed, which make these substances lose their combustibility and inflammability, and finally become the nonflammable, fire-retardant and nonflammable substances. Just like this, the change in the combustion quality of substances causes the combustion to cease.
Removal of thick smoke
    Chemicals and chemical fibers may produce huge thick smoke on fire, which pollutes not only environment, but also hinder vision and aspiration of people. M1-3 plants active flame retardant agent can reduce surface and interface tension of combustive substances, wet smoke particles, absorb hydrocarbon and other toxic and hazardous gases (specially the gases that are harmful to human body), reduce smoke concentration, increase visibility, and help evacuation. Moreover as the temperature of fire ground and the danger of explosion caused by combustion reduces, the safety of fire fighters can be guaranteed assuredly.
Quick temperature reduction
    Once chemicals and chemical fibers are on fire, they may cause intense combustion and high field temperature, and even cause after-combustion even it is extinguished. M1-3 plants active flame retardant agent has good wettability and permeability, and can go into interior of combustive material quickly, with the functions of reducing surface temperature and oxygen isolation, and preventing after-combustion. For the foam liquid, since it contains cooling substance; when substance burns out, energy radiates in the form of heat via optical energy transfer. M1-3 plants active flame retardant agent, since it contains the optical-excitation functional group substance, can increase hugely the heat capacity of water and make the heat-absorbing capacity of water reach 10-7 ~ 10-10 seconds, and then finally cool temperature instantly. After plenty of heat energy is absorbed, the temperature of combustion material cools to the ignition point or flash point or below, and finally combustion ceases.
Toxic gas emission suppression
    Plastic and rubber products may produce sulfur dioxide, chlorine and other hazardous and toxic gases when burning, which threatens the health of human body hugely, and even can cause people died in serious circumstances. M1-3 plants active flame retardant agent can extinguish fire quickly, reduce temperature and suppress toxic and hazardous gases on fire ground to damage human body, and is beneficial for environmental protection.